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At the bottom right of the page you will see the Tawk.to Let's Talk online chat mechanism. If we are online, then we can chat in realtime. If we are not online, then the Tawk.to will send us a message, and we will respond to you soon.


Email is good way to communicate with us, but spam is spam ... if we don't respond to you within a day or two, it is because your message got flagged as spam, and we didn't see it. Trying using the Chat mechanism on the bottom right of each page - that does not get caught in our spam filters.


We no longer offer phone support. Do you know how many calls we used to get asking "Can you help me with my math homework?" A majority of calls like this, or from people trying to sell us something!

Software support does not really work over the phone. It is much more productive to communicate in textual and picture (and movie) format. And we really don't have that large of a staff to burn time on pointless phone calls.

Product Line
  LiveMath™ 3.6
Explore computer algebra and fantastic graphing without the programming code.
Create Beautiful Expressions for all word processors and layout programs in gorgeous PostScript
  LiveMath™ Viewer FREE
Open and Interact with pre-made LiveMath notebooks
  LiveMath™ Plug-In: Retired
It was a good run. Use LiveMath Plug-In Extractor to get embedded LiveMath notebooks into LiveMath Viewer

  Getting Started in LiveMath
Multimedia-based mini-courses to get you up and running quick!
  Math Course Curriculum
Free and Fee-Based Curriculum for Your Math Course
  Starter Library Notebooks
Fill up your Starters Library with LiveMath notebooks in a variety of topics and areas
  LiveMath Gallery
Connect with other LiveMath users via their projects.


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