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LiveMath™ and PrintMath™ Support

We are here, ready to help you with the LiveMath™ and PrintMath™ software.

Unfortunately, we get a lot of inquiries about general mathematics questions, which we cannot help with. I suggest you seek out Khan Academy or YouTube for your general math questions, or some Google searches.

You may communicate with the LiveMath™ Team via the Tawk.to Chat mechanism in the lower right corner of each webpage on the site, or write us email: info@livemath.com. If we don't write back to you in a day or so, expect that your email was caught in spam.

You may also use the form below to send us a message, perhaps with a LiveMath notebook as a reference, or, even better, a screencast movie to show us what you are trying to do in LiveMath, but need help with. You may use Screencast-o-Matic to easily make screencast movies with audio for free, and send us a link to your movie.

LiveMath™ Documentation

Please see our Documentation page for PDFs - User's Manuals, Reference Manuals, both new, in production, and older historical books on LiveMath.

LiveMath™ Curriculum

Please see our Curriculum page for LiveMath courseware - videos, how-tos, notebooks, targeted at specific curriculum.

LiveMath™ Starter Library

In the LiveMath application, try menu File &rarrow; Starter Library to see a wealth of pre-made notebooks on a variety of topics, both in math and related fields. You might find the answer to your "Can LiveMath do this?" query.

LiveMath™ Video Help Library

While reading books and PDFs are helpful, there's no substitute to actually watching someone drive LiveMath or PrintMath using a screencast video. So please go checkout our ever-expanding LiveMath™ Video Help Library.

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