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In preparation now are two authoritative works:
  • The LiveMath Book by Robert Curtis
  • The PrintMath Book by Robert Curtis
Both texts will be available via on-demand printer Lulu.com when completed.

In the meantime, we have some excerpts these texts in PDF format:

Video Help

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a movie is worth a thousands pictures, and, consequently, a movie is worth a million words!

You may view our new Video Library for an ever-expanding set of help videos on LiveMath and PrintMath.

We used to have a library of help videos called Ask Sally, but those videos are pretty old, and the system that presented it was pretty antiquated.

Historical Documentation

LiveMath was previously named MathView, which was before that named Theorist. For these previous versions, there were two documentation sources.

MathView 2.5

  • MathView User's Guide PDF. Order Print Copy from Lulu Press
    This text was a completely fresh text written by N. Scott Hoffner for Waterloo Maple, the new owners of Theorist → MathView. It is a mixture of Learning Guide and Reference Manual, but leaning towards Learning Guide.

Theorist 2.0

The Learning Guide was meant to teach novice users how to use the Theorist software. The Resource Manual was written by the programming team as a comprehensive explanation of the Theorist software system. Although a lot has changed from
Theorist 2.0 → MathView 2.5 → LiveMath 3.0 → LiveMath 3.5 → LiveMath 3.6
there is still a lot of good information in these older texts. The PDFs are offered for free, or you may order the printed copies from Lulu for a nominal fee, shipped to you in about 1 week.

Theorist 1.1

One might think that going all the way back to Version 1.1 of Theorist is a stretch, but the (nearly) original version of the Learning Guide and Reference Manual actually contain some real gems about the Theorist→MathView→LiveMath software system. So, for completeness, we added this first version into our library. The PDFs are offered for free, or you may obtain paper printed copies from Lulu for a nominal fee, shipped to you in about 1 week.

Expressionist 3.2

PrintMath was previously named MathEQ, which was before than named Expressionist, which had 1 historical documentation source:

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LiveMath was formerly known as MathView, and before that, Theorist.
PrintMath was formerly known as MathEQ, and before that, Expressionist.

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