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LiveMath™ Viewer - Freeware Version of LiveMath Maker

Want to share your math with others for free?

And not just a static picture. You can use PDFs or images for that.

But real sharing, with computations you may interact with, and recompute with, and graphs you can change, spin, and interact with. Put the live in LiveMath.

LiveMath Viewer is free, and has its limitations:

  • LiveMath Viewer cannot SAVE
  • LiveMath Viewer cannot add new Assumptions, Text Comments, Graphs
  • LiveMath Viewer cannot COPY nor PASTE
But unlike other "viewers" for computer algebra systems (e.g. Mathematica Reader, et al.), you can do a lot with LiveMath Viewer (for free!):
  • LiveMath Viewer can change existing input equations, values, functions, etc.
  • LiveMath Viewer can interact with graphs, change windows, colors, zoom-in/out, spin 3D graphs

Examples Using LiveMath Viewer

Any LiveMath file that you make with LiveMath Maker, you may share that file for free to LiveMath Viewer.

Simple Computation Notebooks

You may set up very simple, single-minded notebooks to feed to LiveMath Viewer, that gives your audience quite a lot of computational power ... for free!
  • Derivative Calculator
  • Integral Calculator
  • 2D Grapher
  • 3D Grapher
  • Graphical Solution Finder

Larger Notebooks

You may open larger LiveMath files as well, not just small files. Here are some examples from curriculum projects:
  • Primitives of Precalculus
  • Calculus&LiveMath
  • VectorCalculus&LiveMath

Password-Protected Notebooks

You may also password-protect notebooks, with locked collapsars, that LiveMath Viewer (and LiveMath Maker) may open, but not copy/paste (even with LiveMath Maker).
  • C - A simple text on Calculus

How to Make Sharable LiveMath - Video

Below is a video walkthrough of teaching your web browser to open LiveMath .the and .thp files, as well as uploading a LiveMath notebook to Google Drive, and accessing that file from a webpage.

How to Make Sharable LiveMath - Narrative Instructions

You can post LiveMath files to your own webserver, if you wish, but using a file-sharing service like Google Drive is just as easy. Using other file-sharing services like DropBox, OneDrive, et al., is rather similar in nature to the instructions for Google Drive:

  1. In LiveMath Maker, create a LiveMath file with a graph spinning. Save the notebook while the graph is spinning, and it will spin when it is opened. Make sure the file extension is: ".the" (historical for "Theorist")

  2. Get a Google Account. You probably already have one. Everyone does. If not, go to Google Accounts and click on Add Account.
  3. Once logged into your Google account, then go to Google Drive
  4. Click on big blue New Button, then choose File Upload

  5. Navigate to your LiveMath Notebook you wish to share:

  6. After the notebook file uploads, then right-click (Mac: option-click) on the Name/Icon of the file, and choose Sharable Link from the popup menu:

  7. Double-click on the Sharable Link, and Copy

    which will be something like this:


  8. On your webpage you are creating, create this HTML link:
    <a href="https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_1e0YgbRYrwZWk5UEtIVlRqZ28">LiveMath Viewer Example</a>
    which, went rendered on your webpage, will look like this: LiveMath Viewer Example
  9. When you (or your user) clicks on this link, your web browser will look like this:

    Click blue Download button.
  10. Your Web browser will now ask you to teach it which application you should use to open up these ".the" files.

  11. Click the "Choose" button associated with "Open With" and navigate to the LiveMath Viewer (or LiveMath Maker if you want to use that instead) application location:
    (Mac: /Applications/LiveMath Viewer.app folder; Windows: C:\Program_Files (x86)\LiveMath\LiveMath_Viewer.exe)

    Select the Application file and click Open.
  12. You will return to this browser dialog window, now with this look:

  13. Click OK and voila! The LiveMath notebook will get launched into LiveMath Viewer!

  14. You do not have to repeat all of these steps each time you open up a LiveMath Viewer file. Once you teach your browser to open up 1 such LiveMath file, it will remember and do the same for all future encounters.

History of LiveMath Viewer

Way back in 1994, one of the very first, and of a very very few, plugins for Netscape was the Theorist Plug-in - a way to embed a Theorist notebook inside of a webpage.

Wow, that was cool. You could make a notebook with some calculations and a spinning graph, save it, and then have it live inside of a webpage via the Theorist Plug-In.

As Theorist morphed into MathView that morphed in LiveMath, so, too, did the Plug-In, into LiveMath Plug-In for Netscape/Mozilla/Firefox, and then into LiveMath ActiveX control for Internet Explorer.

Fast-forward 20 years, and plug-ins are (nearly) dead. If you are sick and tired of Flash not working, and you have to update Flash or Java on a near daily basis, you know the problem with plug-ins: they just don't work any more, they are continually blocked for security problems, and continual updates are required.

So LiveMath Plug-In had a good, long life. But in 2014, we had to pull the plug.

The same functionality of LiveMath Plug-In is now found in a stand-alone application called LiveMath Viewer.

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