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What's New in LiveMath 3.6? New Feature Video

LiveMath™ Maker: Version 3.6

We are pleased to announce the release of LiveMath™ Maker 3.6 - a culmination of new features and improvements from over the recent years, cleaned and polished into a new interim release.

The new features may be explored via the New Feature Videos or via the PDF What's New in LiveMath 3.6, which is a 40+ page excerpt of the forthcoming The LiveMath Book, which will be available soon for purchase on Lulu.com.

If you are new to LiveMath, you should go through the Getting Started in LiveMath mini-course, which is a comprehensive introduction to getting up and running in the LiveMath Computer Algebra and Graphing System.

Overview of New Features

  • Larger Palette
    A new set of double-size palettes to grow with the latest computer screen sizes and resolutions, with new updated artwork
    LiveMath 3.6 Larger Palette
  • New Menus
    The menus have been updated and improved, with some reorganization of old menu items, and the addition of new menus.
    LiveMath 3.6 New Insert Menu
  • Drag & Drop Graph Additions
    If you want to add a second graph object to an existing graph, you may now just Drag & Drop the new equation or function onto the existing graph.
    LiveMath 3.6 Drag & Drop Graphing
  • Marks
    Sometimes a variable or a function needs a vector on top of it:
    LiveMath 3.6 Variable Marks
  • Solving Inequalities
    Symbolic algebra on inequalities, as well as graphing macros for more complicated solutions of systems of inequalities:
    LiveMath 3.6 Inequalities Solving
  • Contour Plot Enhancements
    Contour plots have more customizable coloring and style features:
    LiveMath 3.6 Contours New Features
  • Export as PDF
    Conversion of LiveMath into beautiful PostScript-based PDF for use in other programs:
    LiveMath 3.6 Export as PDF
  • Printing Page Breaks
    Improvements of page break locations, and Show Page Breaks (with Option/ALT keydown) to preview Page Break locations.
    LiveMath 3.6 Show Page Breaks
  • LiveMath Plug-In Retired
    Browser security and lack of plug-in standards doomed this very cool innovation that had a good, long life. As you may read, Firefox has dropped support for Mozilla-based plugins, which means one day soon, all plugins will cease to function. It was a good run, and we enjoyed it.
    LiveMath Plug-In Retired
  • All Hail LiveMath Viewer!
    Although LiveMath Plug-In is retired, the same functionality may be achieved in the external free program LiveMath Viewer, launching pre-made LiveMath notebooks into LiveMath Viewer so your audience may interact and compute for free!
    LiveMath Viewer Replacement to LiveMath Plug-In

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